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Large-scale processing of distiller's grains by brewer's lees dryer shows its advantages

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-10-20  

  The new drum beer lees dryer is a high-efficiency and energy-saving beer lees dryer designed on the basis of the traditional distiller’s lees dryer. It is easy to operate, safe and stable, highly efficient and energy-saving. The distiller's grains shows its advantages even more.

beer lees dryer

  The innovative design of the structure of the new drum beer lees dryer, combined with the high-quality characteristics of the original distiller’s lees dryer itself, makes it more effective in processing the wet distiller’s lees in the winery, and demonstrates its outstanding advantages. More advantages are as follows:

  1. The new brewer's lees dryer has a compact internal structure and a small footprint, reducing infrastructure costs;

  2. The plc intelligent temperature control system is more convenient to operate, and the dehydration and drying efficiency is higher;

  3. Safe and efficient operation status, the use of the whole machine is more environmentally friendly, and the negative impact of exhaust gas during the operation of the beer lees dryer is eliminated.

  Zhengzhou Dingli distiller's lees dryer manufacturer has huge customer site resources at home and abroad. Whether it is a small distiller's lees dryer or a large-scale drying project, Dingli can provide customers with a more intuitive and real scene, and promote customers to understand the whole process of distiller's dried lees and related information such as equipment and working principles. Welcome to consult.

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