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How to improve the performance of coal slime dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-10-19  

  The slime dryer is developed by Zhengzhou Dingli according to different slime characteristics. The drying temperature, pressure, air volume and speed of the dryer are strictly controlled, and it is very good through different forms of lifting devices, cleaning devices, and crushing devices inside the drum. It solves the problem of sticking wall during the drying process of coal slime. So, how to improve the performance of slime dryer during use?

coal slime dryer

  1. The operation of the slime dryer should always check the temperature of each part of the bearing, the temperature should not exceed 50 °C, the smooth sound and the gear transmission of the cylinder rotation, the care should not have a significant impact, vibration and transmission ;

  2. The low efficiency of the pulp dryer depends to a large extent on the quality of the combustion chamber that requires special attention, the operation of the slime drying equipment, the combustion chamber, the fan and the dust removal equipment;

  3. The steps to start the slime dryer are to start the dryer, the wet material processing equipment and material processing equipment after the motor is started, and then begin to dry, forming a continuous and unified program.

  4. Ignite the stove one hour before the start of the slime dryer, check all auxiliary equipment, including the drive components of the machine, and tighten the parts, which are normal, slippery, and reliable before starting;

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