How to solve the clogging problem of corn dryer

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 To properly handle the blocking problem of corn dryer equipment, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Do a good job in the daily maintenance of the corn dryer. Organize a dedicated person to inspect the dryer every day to ensure that there are no large pieces of material residue and debris in the dryer.

2. Install a thermocouple on the flue gas pipe at the end of the dryer: When using this thermocouple, we need to design the upper and lower limits of its response temperature. In the event of material breakage or material breakage, the lifting plate and feeding plate will be burned out. When there is a blockage problem, an alarm can be issued in time to prompt the operator to deal with it in a timely manner.Under normal circumstances, when an over-temperature alarm occurs, it is because there is a material break. After the material is broken, the hot air in the body continues to increase but cannot exchange heat with the moisture in the material. This situation leads to The lifting plate in the dryer is burned out. When the temperature is low, it is because the fuel feeding tray is clogged and cannot continue to supply heat. After installing a thermocouple, it can not only solve problems in time when they occur, reduce losses, extend the life of the dryer, increase output value, but also create clear conditions for inspection work.


3. Maintenance work of the corn dryer: The dryer must be maintained and maintained frequently during use. If the maintenance is done well, the incidence of equipment defects can be effectively reduced.


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