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Chicken manure is rich in nutrients, with the progress of society, people's demand for the environment is improving, chicken manure drying market prospects are also broad and objective. Therefore, the importance of chicken manure dryer in the industry should not be underestimated.

chicken manure dryer

Chicken manure drum dryer is mainly a drum dryer equipment, in order to reduce the heat loss of the equipment, in the manufacture of the equipment, ordinary manufacturers will pay extra attention to the sealing of the chicken manure drum dryer to reduce the heat loss. Can increase the insulation layer in the outer layer of the dryer to avoid heat loss in the winter time, and fully apply the thermal energy resources. Excessive drying of materials will form additional heat loss, in order to prevent the phenomenon of excessive drying, can from two aspects. One is to control the moisture content of the material before feeding, can send the material into the dryer before stopping dehydration, will control the moisture content in a certain range. The second is to enhance the management and distribution of heat in the cylinder.

Chicken manure drum dryer attached to the equipment has a dust collector, some have deodorization equipment. Hot air from the drying oven out, through the closed pipe into the dust collector, clean the dust mixed in the air. Then, the gas is sent to the secondary quenching furnace, in the 500 ~ 550 ℃ high temperature for deodorization disposal, and finally to meet the environmental requirements of the gas discharged into the atmosphere. In the chicken manure for high-temperature rapid drying disposal, complete sets of equipment should be fully sealed continuous operation, to achieve the consumption of the workshop at all no odor leakage, in order to improve the working environment conditions.

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