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Comprehensive utilization of feed for drying yeast waste in the brewery

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-01-06  

Brewery waste yeast can be reused for yeast feed production. The rich nutritional value and controllable cost are more conducive to the feed factory to improve economic efficiency. The drying of waste beer yeast is the beginning of all processing techniques.

Brewery waste yeast contains a variety of nutrients such as high protein and natural fiber. The comprehensive development route for producing high-quality feed from the yeast residues produced not only improves the economic value of waste beer yeast but also achieves no waste discharge in the production process. Brewery waste yeast has a high water content, which is generally called yeast liquid. Both processing and storage and transportation will encounter high water problems and are prone to rancidity. Therefore, the drying of waste yeast in the brewery is extremely necessary.


Brewery waste yeast drying mainly uses steam as a heat medium for indirect drying. Therefore, the dry waste yeast after drying has a high degree of cleanliness. At the same time, steam drying is a low-temperature drying, and the beneficial bacteria of yeast are better maintained. The yeast drying carrier is mainly a roller scraper dryer. The entire drying process is environmentally friendly, low consumption, and large processing capacity.

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