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Coconut shell carbonization furnace carbonization process and usage matters

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-01-05  

  Zhengzhou Dingli Coconut Shell Carbonization Furnace adopts a double-tube structure so that the coconut shell can produce high-temperature dry distillation reaction in a relatively closed environment. The moisture in the material is further evaporated under the relatively high temperature environment of the outer tube, so as to ensure the carbon content of the coconut shell produced. Meet the ideal requirements. The machine can be produced continuously, and the high temperature resistant stainless steel design is used in the places in contact with the fire to prevent the equipment from overheating and deformation. The machine uses a multi-stage purification device, which effectively filters out harmful substances in the gas and can extract wood vinegar and tar, which not only meets environmental protection requirements but also increases investors' income. In addition, the equipment uses a combination of multiple cooling devices and sealing devices to prevent spontaneous combustion and deflagration caused by improper smoke sealing after the coconut shell is carbonized.

coconut shell carbonization furnace

  Zhengzhou Dingli Coconut Shell Carbonization Furnace adopts advanced smokeless and environmentally friendly carbonization process. The whole set of equipment includes:

  1. Gasification system (gasification furnace, spray tower, dust collector);

  2. Purification system (spray tower, oil-water separator, filter);

  3. Carbonization system (carbonization host, screw feeder, screw feeder, cooling discharger, conveyor, finished product cooling bin);

  4. Control system (control cabinet).

  The entire carbonization process is automated production, which is simple to operate and save time and effort.

  Precautions for the use of coconut shell carbonization furnace

  1. Check whether the fan rotates flexibly and smoothly.

  2. Pass water in the purifying condenser and observe whether there is water leakage.

  3. Check whether the joints of various parts are tight, and whether the sealing rock wool of the furnace door and the fire door is sufficient.

  4. Connect wood tar pipeline.

  5. After everything is normal, load coconut shell and other materials into the furnace. First, put the raw materials in the steel frame made by yourself, and the size of the frame is customized.

  6. Close the furnace door when it is full.

  7. Ignite the fuel in the pilot furnace, start the induced draft fan, close the upper fire door, open the lower fire door, and adjust the valve of the smoke outlet to keep the flue in a dredging state.

  8. When the purification condenser at the back produces combustible gas, turn off the ignition system and use the gas generated inside the furnace for heating.

  If you are interested in Coconut Shell Carbonization Furnace, please feel free to contact us.

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