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Which kind of dehydrator is good for liquid vinasse dehydration?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-12-31  

  Distiller's lees is the main by-product after wine making in the winery. After treatment, it can be made into feed, fuel, etc., to improve its economic value. However, fresh distiller's lees are generally liquid and have high moisture content. Professional vinasse dehydration equipment is required for solid-liquid separation. So which one is better for liquid distiller’s grain dehydration separator?

  The commonly used equipment for the dehydration of distiller's grains has two forms: belt dehydrator and screw extrusion dehydrator. Depending on the characteristics of the distiller's grains, the selected dehydration forms are different. These two devices have their own advantages, you can choose according to your actual situation.

  Spiral Extrusion Dewatering Machine for Distiller's Grains——applicable to the dehydration of large-particle distiller's grains

  The equipment is designed according to the principle of superposition compression, compact structure, small floor space, and the moisture of the finished distiller’s grains is about 55%-60%. The material and equipment specifications and models can be selected according to the user's production requirements (such as the conventional and extended single-shaft screw extrusion dehydrator or the conventional and extended dual-shaft screw extrusion dehydrator)

spent grain screw filter press

  Belt Extrusion Dehydrator for Distiller's Grains-suitable for dehydration of small particle distiller's grains

  The equipment uses gravity extrusion to mechanically dewater the distiller’s grains. The extrusion force can be automatically adjusted according to the characteristics of the material to meet the customer’s requirements for the moisture of the material. The material and model of the equipment (regular and extended and widened) can be customized.

distiller's grain belt dewatering machine

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