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What are the advantages of steam slime dryer for power plant?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-12-30  

  At present, coal slime drying has been banned in many areas due to high pollution, and steam drying coal slime has become a current hot-selling product due to its clean and environmental protection. Many customers have invested in this equipment, and many customers want to know the advantages of steam slime dryers for power plants. Today I will introduce them in detail.

coal steam dryer

  1. Environmental protection, this is undoubtedly, there is no flue gas generated during the steam drying rotation, so there is no need for desulfurization and denitrification; and the dust removal adopts a multi-stage dust removal system to efficiently collect dust. In addition, the coal slime drying uses steam and no waste water is generated. So there is no "three wastes" in the whole process

  2. Safety: The heat source adopts steam, and the heat exchange method is indirect heat exchange. Low pressure steam is sufficient. The pressure is not less than 0.4Mpa and the temperature is not higher than 300℃. And the system does not have air entering the inside of the equipment, and the inside of the equipment is the water evaporated from the slime, the gaseous water is drawn by the induced draft fan. Since no air enters the equipment, not only a part of energy consumption is reduced, but the dust carrying concentration is extremely low. Combining the above three characteristics, the system has low temperature, low oxygen content, and low concentration. Compared with the traditional flue gas slime drying, the safety has been substantially improved.

  3. Energy-saving and energy-saving mainly come from two points: one is the indirect heat exchange with steam heat source, the heat transfer mechanism is heat conduction; the second is the use of dehumidification technology, the system air volume is low, and the power of the fan is low.

  4. Low production cost: The steam waste heat of the power plant is a waste resource utilization, and the fuel cost is negligible. At the same time, the cost of polluting hot blast stove and the cost of the combustion chamber of the production line are also negligible.

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