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What kind of dryer is needed for fermented feed?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-10  

  What dryer is used for fermented feed? The first thing to emphasize is the difference between fermented feed and ordinary dregs quality inspection. The special dryer for fermented feed is more conducive to improving the taste of fermented feed and animal feed intake.

fermented feed dryer

  The working principle of fermented feed dryer is similar to that of ordinary dregs drying. The main difference is that the drying of fermented feed requires the protection of the nutritional ingredients and taste of the materials. Zhengzhou Dingli Fermented Feed Dryer has better temperature controllability, more stable performance, and simple operation for customers.

  Fermented feed dryers usually use tumble dryers, which are mainly three-layer rotary tumble dryers. This kind of dryer has a small floor area, which is very suitable for the current situation that land rents are becoming increasingly expensive, and it is also convenient for customers to expand in the future.

  The three-layer rotary drum dryer has a high heat utilization rate, which can effectively suppress carbon and sulfur pollution and dust pollution during the fermentation feed drying process. At the same time, it greatly improves work efficiency and reduces project costs. Therefore, it is more favored by the market.

  What dryer is used for fermented feed? The price is moderate, the operation is simple, the use cycle is long, and the heat utilization rate is high. Therefore, a three-layer rotary drum dryer is selected.

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