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Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine1
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine2
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine3
Coconut Shell Charcoal Making Machine

Heat SourceSuitable for a variety of heat sources

ApplicationSuitable for coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, hemp, sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, eucalyptus, fungus residue, medicine residue, furfural residue, coffee residue, palm shell, peanut shell, sunflower seed shell and other small carbon-conta

Capacity: 40-50kwCycle: 30-50(day)

Biomass two-layer continuous drum carbonization machine is a special carbonization equipment which can carbonize coconut shell, walnut shell, apricot shell, hemp pole, sawdust, sawdust, rice husk, bamboo, eucalyptus, mushroom residue, medicine residue, furfural residue, coffee residue, palm shell, peanut shell and sunflower seed shell in the carbonization machine under high temperature conditions.

The carbonization machine adopts the advanced technology of recovery, purification and circulating combustion of carbon monoxide, methane, ethane and other combustible gases produced in the process of carbonization. It solves the problem of environmental pollution caused by thick smoke which produced by ordinary carbonization furnace in the carbonization project, and solves the heat energy problem required by the equipment, fully realizes self-sufficiency, and improves the continuity and economy of the equipment We should make full use of the agricultural and forestry residues to turn waste into treasure and contribute to the greening environment.

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Low Operating Costs

Strong Stability

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Product Working Principle

Biomass two-layer continuous drum carbonization machine is a professional equipment for continuous high-temperature heating and carbonization of biomass under the condition of no oxygen and poor oxygen. It is composed of two-layer carbonization machine, preheat wood powder burner (or gasifier, natural gas burner), combustible gas purification device, external heating furnace of carbonization machine, feeding conveyor, cooling and carbon discharging machine and control, etc In this paper. The biomass is transported into the inner drum by the conveyor. The waste heat in the furnace is used to dry and preheat the materials to 200-250 ℃. The outer drum is provided with a combustible gas recovery pipeline at the end. The combustible gases such as carbon monoxide, methane and ethane produced in the carbonization process are fully utilized to separate wood tar, wood acid solution, water and ash through the flue gas purification system The pure combustible gas is sent to the heating furnace outside the carbonization machine for full combustion and heating to the carbonization machine to achieve reciprocating cycle heating and continuous production. The carbonization temperature is generally controlled at / 700-800 ℃. The carbonized products are discharged from the carbonization machine through water cooling, and the carbonization ignition is supplied by the pre heating wood powder burner (or gasifier or natural gas burner).

Technical Parameters
Model Inner layer diameter(mm) Outer layer diameter(mm) The drum length(m) Carbon capacity(kg) Power(Kw) Dimension(m)
DLTJ1610/2 1000 1600 10 600-800 40-50 11*1.5*2.7
DLTJ1810/2 1200 1800 10 700-1000 50-70 11*1.8*2.8
DLTJ2010/2 1400 2000 10 1100-1300 70-80 11*2.0*3
DLTJ2312/2 1600 2300 12 1500-2000 90-110 3.5*2.3*3.3
DLTJ2512/2 1800 2500 12 2200-2500 110-130 13.5*2.6*3.5
DLTJ2912/2 2200 2900 12 2500-3000 130-150 13.5*3.0*3.7



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