Corn dryer

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Corn dryer is a device used to transform corn from a high-humidity state to a low-humidity state. Its working principle is mainly based on the principles of hot air conduction, convection and evaporation. Here are some details about corn dryers:

working principle:

The corn is placed into the dryer container and the desired drying temperature and humidity are set via the control system.

The dryer starts the heating system to bring the temperature to the set value.

The hot air generated by the heating system is sent into the dryer container through a fan.

The flow of hot air will take away the moisture on the surface of the corn and accelerate the evaporation of moisture inside the corn.

The operation of the fan makes the hot air evenly distributed in the corn pile to ensure uniform drying effect.

The dryer is equipped with a moisture sensor to monitor the moisture content of the corn. Once the humidity reaches the preset value, the heating system automatically stops working to keep the corn humidity stable.

Steps for usage:

Check whether the power cord of the dryer is connected properly and whether the voltage meets the requirements.

Clean the dryer filter and make sure the ventilation is clear.

Open the inlet of the dryer and prepare the appropriate amount of corn.

Pour the corn evenly into the feed opening to avoid excessive accumulation.

Close the feed opening to ensure that the corn does not overflow.

Turn on the power switch of the dryer and make sure the dryer is working properly.

Adjust the dryer's temperature and humidity settings to select appropriate parameters based on the moisture content of the corn.

Start the drying process, making sure the dryer is working properly and the internal temperature reaches the set value.

Regularly check the operating status of the dryer to ensure it is working properly.

If necessary, adjust the dryer parameters according to changes in temperature and humidity.

When the corn drying reaches the required moisture content, the drying process is automatically shut down.

Open the outlet of the dryer and prepare to take out the dried corn.

Take out the dried corn and clean the residue in the dryer.

Maintenance and overhaul:

Corn dryers that have not been used for a long time require detailed inspection and maintenance before starting up, including circuits, indicator lights, internal cleaning, adding lubricating oil, and corrosion repairs.

Conduct a detailed inspection of the connection between the corn dryer and other related equipment to ensure that the connection is tight and there are no loose screws or connection deviations.


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