Introduction to corn continuous drying tower

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The continuous corn drying tower is a drying equipment used for large-scale processing of corn. It can realize continuous and efficient corn drying operations and is widely used in agriculture, food processing, feed production and other fields. The following is some detailed introduction about the corn continuous drying tower:

The working principle of the corn continuous drying tower is mainly based on heat conduction and hot air circulation. The tower is equipped with a combustion furnace and a hot air fan. The combustion furnace burns fuel to generate heat, and the hot air fan sends hot air into the drying tower. When the corn enters the drying tower, heat conduction occurs between the hot air and the moisture on the surface of the corn, causing the moisture to evaporate, thereby achieving the drying effect. At the same time, hot air is circulated in the tower, improving energy efficiency.

Structurally, a corn continuous drying tower usually includes a storage section, a drying section and a cooling section. The storage section is used to store the corn to be dried and evenly send it to the drying section through the leveling device. The drying section is the core part, and drying is achieved through heat exchange between hot air and corn. The cooling section is used to cool the dried corn to a suitable temperature for storage and subsequent processing.


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