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Coal drying system with high thermal efficiency and low drying cost

Author: Dingli     Date: 2022-06-21  

The Jiutian coal drying system adopts a new internal structure, which strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon on the inner wall of the cylinder, and is more adaptable to the moisture and viscosity of the material, increasing the heat exchange area and improving the drying efficiency. The operating parameters can be changed according to different materials. The entire drying system is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, so that the heat exchange of materials in the dryer is more sufficient, and the coal consumption and power consumption are reduced by more than 20-25% compared with ordinary dryers. The coal drying system is fully sealed from the feeding to the discharging process, preventing cold air from entering the system, improving the utilization rate of heat source, and ensuring the qualified and stable product quality after drying.

Reliable and stable operation

The new feeding and discharging device eliminates the phenomenon of blockage, discontinuity, unevenness and material return of the dryer. The dryer adopts the "aligning tug device", so that the tug and the rolling ring are always in linear contact, which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption. The dryer achieves "zero horizontal thrust", which greatly reduces the wear of the block and supporting roller, and the cylinder runs more smoothly and reliably.

The heat source is widely used, environmental protection and no pollution

Fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas, liquefied gas. It can be determined according to material requirements and local natural advantages to improve production efficiency and economic benefits. The company's new products, gas generators and biomass combustion furnaces, are used as heat carriers: energy saving, environmental protection, safety and hygiene, no pollution of materials after drying, high thermal efficiency, and energy saving of more than 30% compared with combustion furnaces. Add coal, can be used at any time.

High degree of automation, real-time monitoring of safe production

The whole system is automatically controlled by PLC, and the system includes advanced detection equipment: temperature detection, pressure detection, temperature adjustment (can be adjusted at any time according to material needs), automatic fault alarm, automatic protection and shutdown, etc. Industrial TV monitoring system: production status, post production status Monitor and control, so that the drying equipment can better meet the needs of users and safe production.

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