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How much is a grass dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2022-01-08  


In the early stage of purchasing grass dryer equipment, many customers are more interested in the equipment price and the effect of drying grass. Based on this, this article focuses on how much a grass dryer is? The effect of drying grass will be introduced in detail for you, hope it will be helpful to you

The grass dryer is the main equipment for preparing green hay feed. It is commonly used in a drum structure. Through the low-temperature quick-drying process, the grass moisture can be quickly dried to about 12 (adjustable) to meet the water content standard for long-term preservation of grass or feed processing. The dried grass has good color, low nutrient loss and strong palatability.

The video of the grass dryer shows the process and effect of drying grass


How much is a grass dryer

How much is a grass dryer? Due to factors such as equipment capacity, configuration, manufacturer, market, etc., there is no accurate quotation in the market. How much is a grass dryer for customer consultation? You can consult us online. Zhengzhou Dingli is a powerful manufacturer for 20 years. Each equipment is at the ex-factory price. You can customize the equipment according to your needs. Welcome to visit the factory.

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