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Briefly introduce the safety hazards in the operation of sawdust dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-12-13  

  The safety of the sawdust dryer production line is extremely important. Once the production line has a safety problem, it may cause the production line to stagnate or a more serious problem. In order to increase the safety awareness of the operator, I will share with you the need for sawdust dryer production Pay attention to security issues.


  A brief summary of the safety issues of sawdust dryer

  1. Parts and components: Before the equipment is put into use, inspect the parts and components to avoid potential safety hazards caused by damaged or loose parts.

  2. The impact of the surrounding environment on the equipment: As biomass raw materials such as sawdust are flammable, avoid storing flammable and explosive items around the production line to avoid causing a fire. You should also turn off the power immediately after using the device.

  3. Whether the operation of the sawdust dryer is correct: Once the sawdust dryer has an operational error during use, it will not only affect the equipment, but also have great safety risks. Therefore, the operator must ensure that the processes and procedures are correct.

  In addition, some unexpected reasons may also become a hidden safety hazard in the sawdust drying production line. In case of sudden conditions, emergency treatment should be done to avoid more serious losses.

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