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Installation of Zhejiang large-scale ore powder drying project completed

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-11-23  

   Recently, a report came from Zhejiang showing that the large-scale mineral powder dryer production line has been installed. The project is progressing smoothly and is about to enter the commissioning and trial operation phase.

Zhejiang mineral powder dryer

  The slag dryer is suitable for the rapid dehydration and drying of various ore powders, clays, blast furnace slag, tailings and other mine waste residues. The daily output can be customized from 100 tons to more than 3000 tons. The drying capacity is strong, and the moisture content of the dry material can be adjusted.

  The engineers dispatched by Zhengzhou Dingli this time are skilled and experienced. After the equipment arrives safely, the accompanying installation and commissioning engineers immediately put into the corresponding work. The equipment undergoes simulated installation before leaving the factory, which has laid a good foundation for the smooth installation of the equipment.

  If you are interested in the follow-up progress of the equipment, please pay attention to our website, we will continue to report.

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