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The working principle of tofu residue dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-11-18  

Tofu residue is a by-product in the process of producing soy milk or tofu. It is a material that binds water and oil. Advantages after treatment: The moisture content of fresh bean dregs is about 90%, its nutrient content is higher than that of many dregs, and the crude protein content is high, especially in the hot summer when the temperature is high, it is easy to spoil and mold. Dry okara contains three times more crude protein than rice, and is a nutritious feed suitable for raising pigs, chickens, ducks, etc.

tofu residue dryer

The working principle of tofu residue dryer:

The tofu residue dryer can quickly dry the tofu residue with a moisture content of 65-75% to a dry product with a moisture content of less than 13%. The unit uses coal (natural gas, coal gas) as the energy source, hot air as the drying medium, and the use of strong hot air to dry all kinds of wet materials at a high temperature with instantaneous temperature difference. The main engine transmission device adopts electromagnetic speed regulation and is equipped with The automatic temperature control device keeps the color of the dried product after drying, and retains the color, taste and nutrients of the original material.

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