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What are the characteristics of the bean dregs dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-11-01  

  The design of the bean dregs dryer was obtained after careful analysis and research on the soybean dregs materials, and was verified by actual bean dregs drying experiments. In the design of the scheme, the characteristics of large moisture content, high protein content, and high viscosity of bean dregs were fully considered, and a series of technologies and processes were adopted to solve them to ensure a good drying effect.

bean dregs dryer

  Performance characteristics:

  1. Strong drying ability, can dry fresh tofu residue with 85% moisture content to below 14% moisture at one time.

  2. Large processing capacity, a single set of equipment can process 10 tons of fresh okara per hour.

  3. The use of scraper type feeder, adopts continuously variable transmission, can easily adjust the feed volume, and ensure the stability of the feed volume.

  4. The drum dryer adopts stepless variable transmission, which can conveniently adjust the rotating speed of the drum according to the different moisture content of the material to achieve the best drying effect.

  5. A powerful disperser is used in the drying drum, which can effectively solve the problems of adhesion and agglomeration of high-viscosity soybean protein residue during the drying process.

  6. The soybean protein residue drying production line adopts a double-layer copy board structure to ensure the drying effect of the dryer.

  7. Due to the small particle size of the dried bean dregs, multi-linked brakes are used to remove dust from the dried tail gas.

  8. The whole drying system adopts electric centralized control, the hot air temperature is automatically adjusted, the degree of automation is high, and the operation is convenient.

  9. After the drying section, subsequent sections such as crushing, mixing, granulating, and packaging can be connected to produce the finished okara pellet feed.

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