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How to improve the service life of sawdust dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-10-29  

  A large amount of waste materials such as wood chips are produced during the production of furniture every year. These sawdust are generally made into biomass fuel through drying and granulation for use in biomass combustion furnaces. In this process, the role of sawdust dryer is very important. It plays an important role in the drying of sawdust in the secondary process, so how to maintain the sawdust dryer?

sawdust dryer

  1. The operation should be standardized

  The first is the precautions in the use process. When using the sawdust dryer in normal times, it must be operated in strict accordance with the operating specifications and strictly controlled. Do not cause misoperations to damage the electronic operating system of the dryer and cause serious losses.

  2. Regularly check the dryer in time

  The dryer runs a lot of time every day, so it is inevitable that there will be parts aging, and once these phenomena occur, the dryer will produce some unusual phenomena, such as abnormal noises in the machine, so the operator should pay attention to it and do a good job. Record, and report to the superior in time if any unusual situation is discovered.

  3. Optimize process operation

  When purchasing a dryer, you must comprehensively consider the material situation and purchase the corresponding equipment according to the nature of the material. For example, some materials may contain a large number of iron nails, stones and other substances. If the corresponding sorting equipment is not equipped, the operation process It is very likely to cause immeasurable damage to the equipment and cause serious economic losses.

  4. Choose a good manufacturer

  When purchasing a dryer, you must comprehensively compare the strengths of various manufacturers. Not only the price of the equipment, but also the reputation of the manufacturer, after-sales situation, etc., if the equipment has a problem, the manufacturer with good after-sales service will reduce the loss for the customer. , It is also more convenient to exchange equipment or to upgrade equipment technology.

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