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What is the working principle of the yeast dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-10-26  

  Yeast is an important substance in the beer brewing process. After the beer production is completed, a large amount of yeast cannot be used, is discarded or landfilled, which seriously wastes resources, pollutes the environment, and brings huge challenges to the rationalization of waste materials. It was discovered that beer yeast contains a lot of nutrients, protein, etc. It is a high-quality feed, but if you want to rationally use beer yeast, you need to use our yeast dryer.

yeast dryer

  Yeast dryer is a kind of equipment made according to the characteristics and status of yeast. It is different from the original tumble dryer. This equipment uses a single-cylinder structure and uses indirect heat conduction for drying. The dryer can rotate one week. Finishing the drying of materials is an indispensable equipment for processing yeast materials. So what is the principle of drying yeast in a yeast dryer?

  Yeast dryer is composed of ①drying cylinder, ②frame, ③transmission system, ④leaching device, ⑤limiting, ⑥scraping device, ⑦leaching device, ⑧vapor system exhaust hood, etc.

  In the drying process: First, the slurry is preheated in the preheating tank, preheated to about 50°C, and then the feed pump is fed into the dipping tank at the lower part of the drying cylinder, and the drying cylinder is immersed in about 60-80mm, rotating drying The outer surface of the cylinder is coated with a uniform slurry. The steam pressure in the drying cylinder is 0.15-0.3Mpa. The slurry is heated on the outer wall of the drying cylinder, and the moisture is vaporized and discharged by the axial fan. The drying cylinder rotates one week, the material is dried, and the flake material is discharged by the scraper on the outer wall of the drying cylinder, and falls to the discharge port to complete the collection. At this point, the drying of the yeast dryer is completed, and the dried yeast nutrients are preserved, with good drying properties, suitable for long-term storage, good palatability for cattle and sheep and other livestock, and further improved economic value.

  The main advantages of the equipment are that the equipment dryer has a large drying capacity, which is suitable for large-scale wineries and breweries to dry yeast materials. The heat source used by the equipment is relatively clean, and the pollution to the yeast is small. The equipment adopts high temperature drying. Dry, the drying process has a good killing effect on the impurities in the yeast, and can effectively control the damage of microorganisms to cattle and sheep in the subsequent feed use process.

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