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5 ways to maintain the cassava residue dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-10-16  

  Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the cassava residue dryer, so that the faults and hidden dangers of the cassava residue dryer can be discovered in time and solved in time to prevent economic losses. Now Zhengzhou Dingli will give you an explanation on how to maintain the cassava residue dryer.

cassava residue dryer

  1. During use or long-term use of the cassava residue dryer, the belt may loosen, fall off or break. To solve this problem, always check whether the contacts of each switch are good, whether the fuse is blown, whether the position of the motor is correct, and often replace the belt;

  2. The cassava residue dryer may suddenly become very noisy. To solve this noise problem, we must consider from many aspects, such as whether the position is unbalanced, whether it is evenly placed; whether the installation is not good, whether it is reinstalled for a long time; whether the bearing is leaking or damaged, whether it is replaced; whether the bearing is loose, whether it is reinforced for a long time Tighten.

  3. The brake failure of the cassava dregs dryer often occurs, which is mainly caused by the excessive wear of the brake pads. Therefore, to solve this problem, only the brake pads need to be replaced.

  4. The raw material of the cassava residue dryer catches fire, which is mainly caused by improper operation. Therefore, it is recommended that users be familiar with the instruction manual of the cassava residue dryer before use, and operate as required. Of course, it does not rule out that there are problems with the design of the cassava residue dryer itself. If it is the problem of the cassava residue dryer itself, it is necessary to actively negotiate with the manufacturer to meet the requirements to replace or modify the cassava residue dryer;

  5. The materials in the drying equipment cannot be absorbed. This is likely to be a problem in the installation process, air leakage, etc. To solve this problem is to determine the cause and solve it correctly according to the cause.

Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of cassava residue dryer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.


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