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Sawdust dryer realizes environmentally friendly reuse of sawdust

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-10-14  

  Sawdust dryer is one of the core equipment for the development of biomass energy. As far as the customer is concerned, besides the price and quality of the equipment, the sales and profit of the wood pellet fuel after drying and forming are also the focus of the customer's concern. As one of the most popular drying equipment on the market, what help and benefits can the Zhengzhou Dingli sawdust dryer bring to wood processing enterprises? What kind of reuse can be achieved with the treated wood chips?

sawdust dryer

  First of all, wood chips are mainly used to make pellet fuel after drying, and the economic value is relatively high. Generally, the moisture content of wet wood chips with a moisture content of about 45% can be quickly reduced to 10%-12% after being dried by a double positive dryer. , The drying process has sufficient heat exchange and low energy consumption. The compressed wood pellets have high quality fuel. The market price is several times that of waste wood and wood chips when recycling, and the profit is higher.

  Secondly, after the sawdust is dried, it is supplemented by moisture removal, organic fertilizer or plant cultivation organic matter. For example, sawdust is placed in the pig pen to remove moisture and maintain the sanitation in the pen. After subsequent fermentation, it is still a good organic fertilizer; in addition, the sawdust It is also the main ingredient of mushroom planting stock, and it can be used as potted flowers and nursery stock nutrient soil when mixed with a certain proportion of animal and poultry manure.

  Sawdust dryer is a mature product of our company. There are many cases at home and abroad, you can visit it at any time. Welcome to consult us.

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