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How to improve the utilization rate of cassava residue?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-06-27  

 How to deal with the larger number of sweet potato residues produced during sweet potato processing? Traditional stacking will result in a waste of resources. Because sweet potato residue contains certain nutrients, it can be used as feed material.  Sweet potato residue is a kind of inherently high moisture and high viscosity. It is easy to stick to the wall, agglomerate, and block by the traditional drying method, and the drying effect is not good.

The sweet potato slag dryer developed by Dingli Group solves the problem of drying difficulty of potato starch residue due to high humidity and high viscosity. The drying efficiency is high, the structure is compact, and the nutrients of the materials can be kept to a maximum extent. The equipment is simple and flexible to operate, has no sticky wall, good product quality, and good color. It is suitable for drying potato slag, cassava residue, and sweet potato slag.

Potato residue drying production line.jpg

Dingli special sweet potato residue drying equipment can quickly reduce the moisture of potato residue and accelerate the environmental protection of potato residue.

Dingli can not only provide sweet potato residue drying equipment but also support sweet potato residue dehydration equipment. There are many equipment specifications and models, you can leave a message to consult equipment specifications and quotation.

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