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How does the flash dryer dry okara?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-03-09  

The flash dryer is a new type of continuous drying equipment that integrates drying, crushing, and sieving. It is especially suitable for the drying of cake-like, paste-like, and thin mud-like materials.

The flash dryer adopts the method of steam heat exchange and uses the belt conveyor to send the wet okara to the screw feeder. The wet okara enters the host machine through the feeder. The wet okara is cut and broken by the high-temperature air in the main machine and collected by the cyclone The dry bean dregs in the room are separated from the exhaust gas, and the fan is used to discharge the material, and the exhaust gas is discharged through the bag dust removal equipment.

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The flash dryer dries 60-70% of wet okara into 9-13% of dry okara. The drying time of wet materials in the drying tower is only 5-8 seconds, the moisture evaporates instantaneously, the material residence time is short, and the material is effectively prevented The sticky wall and heat-sensitive materials are deteriorated, and can be dried into a uniform powder product at one time, eliminating the processes of crushing and sieving. It can effectively control the final moisture and fineness. Through the adjustment of the feeding, hot air temperature, and classifier, the moisture content and fineness of the product can be guaranteed to be uniform.

Special okara flash dryer is one of the best solutions for processing tofu cat litter raw materials! For more detailed information, welcome to consult online.

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