What is the purpose of grain dryer? How does it work?

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Grain dryers are widely used in the fields of agricultural production and food processing. Their core function is to quickly and effectively dry agricultural products such as grains and seeds with high humidity to a state suitable for storage or processing. Specifically, the uses of grain dryers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Storage and preservation: Grain often contains high moisture after harvest. If it is not dried in time, long-term storage may cause mildew, fermentation and other problems. Using a grain dryer can effectively reduce the moisture content of grain, thereby avoiding the occurrence of these problems and extending the shelf life of grain.

2. Processing of agricultural products: Some agricultural products are prone to deterioration when the humidity is too high, such as rice, millet, etc. Grain dryers can dry these agricultural products and reduce their moisture content, thereby extending their shelf life. In addition, drying can also change the quality of agricultural products, making them more suitable for processing and making other products, such as biscuits, rice wine, etc., increasing the added value of agricultural products.

3. Improve yield and quality: In modern agriculture, the use of grain dryers can increase the yield and quality of crops and meet market demand. At the same time, the use of dryers can also reduce crop losses, save resources, and protect the environment.

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The working principle of the grain dryer is to use heat energy to evaporate the moisture in the agricultural products and discharge it from the outside of the machine through the exhaust system to achieve the drying effect. Specifically, when working, the agricultural products that need to be dried are moved to the heating area through the conveyor system. The heating system usually provides heat energy through gas, fuel, electricity and other energy sources, which increases the internal temperature of the dryer and promotes the evaporation of water. The control system is responsible for monitoring and adjusting the temperature, humidity and other parameters of the dryer to ensure that the environment inside the dryer meets the requirements for drying agricultural products. The exhaust system discharges the moisture inside the dryer to ensure the drying effect.

It is worth noting that different agricultural products have different drying times and temperatures. For example, wheat needs to be dried at a temperature of about 80°C, while corn needs to be dried at a temperature of about 70°C. Therefore, when using the dryer, it needs to be adjusted and controlled according to different agricultural products.

In short, the grain dryer provides important support for agricultural production and food processing with its efficient drying function and wide range of application fields. It is one of the indispensable equipment for modern agricultural production.


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