What is the function of grain drying tower?

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Grain drying tower refers to equipment used for grain drying. Its function is to dry the harvested wet or semi-moist grain by controlling temperature, humidity and ventilation to reduce the moisture content and ensure the quality, storage period and commercial value of the grain. The function of the grain drying tower will be introduced in detail below.

1. Reduce moisture content: The moisture content of grain is an important factor affecting storage and quality. Excessively high moisture content can easily cause grains to become moldy and deteriorate, reducing taste and aroma, thus affecting market value. The grain drying tower provides heat through heat sources and a reasonable ventilation system, which can effectively evaporate the moisture in the grain, reduce the moisture content, and ensure grain quality.

2. Prevent grain from getting moldy: Grain is easily attacked by mold in a humid environment, leading to moldy deterioration. The grain drying tower can dry wet grain, reduce the moisture content in the grain, and reduce the conditions for mold growth, thereby effectively preventing grain from becoming moldy.

3. Protect the taste and aroma of food: Wet or semi-moist food is prone to soft texture, poor taste, and odor. The use of grain drying towers for drying can effectively reduce the moisture content, make the grain dry and hard, and maintain the quality of the taste and aroma.

4. Improve the storage period of grain: The moisture content of grain is an important factor affecting its storage period. Too much moisture can easily lead to mold and deterioration, shortening the storage period of grain. The drying process through the grain drying tower can control the moisture content of the grain within a reasonable range, extend the storage period of the grain, and increase the commercial value of the grain.

5. Improve processing efficiency: Wet or semi-moist grain needs to be dried for a long time to reach appropriate quality standards. Using a grain drying tower for drying processing can shorten the drying time and improve processing efficiency.

6. Ensure grain quality: Drying in a grain drying tower can reduce mildew, insect damage and accumulated impurities, and improve grain quality and health and safety standards.

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The functions of the grain drying tower mainly include reducing moisture content, preventing grain from mold, protecting the taste and aroma of grain, extending the storage period of grain, improving processing efficiency, and ensuring grain quality. Through the rational use of grain drying towers, the quality of grain can be ensured, the storage period can be extended, the commercial value can be improved, and the safety and hygiene standards of grain during storage and processing can be ensured.


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