How does a corn dryer work?

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 The tower corn dryer is an ideal drying equipment for drying grains and oilseeds. The grain crops are input from the top of the tower through a bucket elevator and passed through the distribution device to ensure that the equipment is always at full load during operation. The induced draft fan introduces hot air into the interior of the tower. The grain crops are mixed with the hot air through the combined action of the bottomless V-shaped baffles turned inward and the multiple rows of V-shaped baffles staggered with the processing. In the dry air inlet and outlet channels, most of the dry air can be recycled. The water vapor generated when the materials are dried is discharged from the drying tower exhaust system, so fuel consumption is very small. The tower corn dryer adopts low-temperature drying method to achieve drying, and the drying temperature is always maintained at around 60℃.

The tower dryer is suitable for drying commercial grains and feed grains of crops such as corn, rice, sorghum, wheat, barley, soybeans, etc.


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