What are the reasons for uneven drying of sand dryer?

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What are the reasons for uneven drying of sand dryer? Because of the various industries on the sand quality requirements are very strict, so the entire production line of sand and gravel is not to be ignored, and the entire production line of sand dryer is more stringent. Sand dryer in the production process often drying uneven phenomenon, then what are the reasons for uneven drying?


The reasons for uneven drying of materials are two: one is related to the wet and dry degree of the material, and the second is related to the choice of heat source. High humidity materials, if the drying is not sufficient, drying out the material will be slightly damp, and the choice of heat source, is also very critical.

So what are the available heat sources? As a sand dryer, supporting a lot of heat source equipment, usually categorized by the consumption of fuel, coal, oil, gas, electricity, etc., according to the heat transfer can be divided into drying medium direct heating and indirect heating. For example, the boiler heating water to form water vapor, water vapor and then through the radiator to heat the drying medium, this is the two indirect heating, this way the total thermal efficiency is very low, only about 40%, in some factories have more than one hot spot, in order to facilitate the centralized heat supply and management, the use of more. Coal-fired hot air furnace with indirect heating and direct combustion of flue gas as a drying medium (direct fire furnace), indirectly heated hot air clean and clean, thermal efficiency of 60 to 70%. The direct heating of the product quality due to the pollution of soot, but the use of heat energy is very full, high thermal efficiency, drying materials mixed with a small amount of soot and no impact, can be used as a priority.

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