Dingli potato dregs dryer won the praise of customers

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Sweetpotato is highly reproducible and widely cultivated. Sweet potato is popular in the starch and food industry because of its rich nutritional value. Starch factories and alcohol factories produce a large amount of sweet potato pomace in the production process. According to statistics, the annual output of sweet potato pomace in China is about 100 million tons. Sweet potato pomace is rich in fiber, protein and other nutrients, but due to the high water content, it is not conducive to further processing and utilization. In view of this feature, our company developed sweet potato pomace dryer using special dehydration, temperature regulation and other settings, after drying sweet potato pomace uniform color, nutrient elements are not lost, by the majority of customers, it can be said that the potato pomace after drying for feed is a better program.


Sweet potato pomace dryer working principle: sweet potato pomace dryer mainly consists of heating, feeder, drum, discharge machine, induced draft fan, unloading machine, power distribution cabinet and so on. After the dehydration of wet potato pomace into the dryer, under the rotating action of the evenly distributed sheets in the drum, it is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully contacted with the hot air, so as to accelerate the drying of heat and mass transfer.

Dingli sweet potato pomace dryer drying time is short, the machine work efficiency is high, the single day processing capacity is large, according to the user's production capacity to buy sweet potato pomace dryer specifications. In addition, the machine has a high level of automation, better visibility, problems can be found in time to reduce losses, improve the efficiency of industrial production, the machine can run continuously, the production capacity is very large!

In addition, the practicality of Dingli potato dregs dryer is better, not only can dry sweet potato dregs, but also potato dregs, soy sauce dregs, fruit dregs and other starch dregs, the drying efficiency of the equipment is good, and the moisture content of the material can be dried up to less than 12% at one time. Due to its unique device, it can effectively avoid sticking and blocking the wall.


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