Kazakhstan ferromanganese ore powder dryer working site

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The manganese ore powder dryer ordered by Kazakhstan at the end of last year has been installed and officially put into operation. Dingli rotary dryer can be used to dry all kinds of powder and block materials, metal ore and non-metal ore, etc. For example: coal gangue, slag, bauxite, limonite, manganese ore and other materials.

Manganese ore powder is a manganese concentrate obtained from manganese ore after a series of crushing, grinding, and magnetic separation processes. It contains a certain amount of water and can only be obtained after reasonable drying and dehydration. It can be used in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, etc. fields are widely used.


When the manganese ore powder dryer is working, the manganese ore powder is sent to the hopper through the conveying equipment, and then sent to the feeding end of the manganese ore powder dryer by the feeder, and enters the cylinder smoothly through the inclined feeding pipe. The cylinder rotates slowly during the working process, and has a certain inclination angle with the horizontal line. The manganese ore powder enters the barrel from the high end, and slowly moves to the low end under the action of gravity. In the process, the drying of manganese ore powder is completed. In addition, there is a lifting plate in the cylinder, which can continuously pick up and drop the manganese ore powder material, which greatly increases the contact area between the manganese ore powder and the heat carrier, and improves the drying rate.

Dingli Group is a professional manufacturer of rotary dryers. We design, manufacture, and sell mining dryers in more than 80 countries around the world. Recently, we have successively built a large-scale lithium ore powder drying production line in Hunan and a manganese ore powder production line in Kazakhstan. Both of them are running well and have won high praise from customers. If you want to know more about the equipment, please leave a message for consultation.


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