Dingli food waste drying production line process introduction

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Process flow of food waste feed treatment system

1. Pretreatment system:

Classify food waste, remove large debris (plastic bags, boxes, beverage bottles, disposable chopsticks, etc.), sort out large objects (melon skin, vegetable leaves), and crush them. The food waste treatment system is mainly composed of silos, It is composed of a silo discharge structure, a primary screening device, a screw conveyor, a sorting table, and a shredder.

2. Dehydration and degreasing system:

The sieved and crushed food waste materials are sent to the dehydration bin by the pulse conveyor, and the materials are squeezed through the food waste dehydrator to meet the requirements of dehydration and degreasing, and bones and large pieces are removed.

3. Drying and sterilization system:

Drying the material, due to the high temperature of the drying, can remove the moisture in the material and has the effect of disinfection. The system consists of food waste drying equipment, hot air stove, cooling water tank and so on.

4. Crushing weighing system:

After the dry material is processed by the secondary sieving device, it is sent to the cooling silo, and then crushed after cooling. The system is equipped with a bag pulse dust collector in the material crushing and air supply process to avoid pollution.

Performance characteristics of food waste dryer

1. To the greatest extent, it satisfies the conditions and requirements for catering treatment in the business process of urban catering groups;

2. It has a small surface area, which is conducive to the conditions for centralized and on-site treatment of catering waste;

3. Realized standardized, serialized and factory-like equipment production;

4. Completely solve the resource waste and environmental pollution of catering waste;

5. It adopts complete sets of equipment, which can adapt to the treatment of various catering wastes;

6. The equipment has a small area, which is conducive to moisturizing and humidifying the raw materials, so that the heat loss is small;

7. The whole machine is used to operate, which greatly improves the conversion efficiency of raw materials.


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