Dingli Group's coal slime dryer production project in Shenmu was put into operation

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 Another coal slime drying equipment project of Dingli Group in Shenmu, Shaanxi has been officially put into production after nine days of measurement by mechanical technical engineers, and strict assembly inspection. It is understood that this set of equipment is of excellent quality and works well, and has won unanimous praise from customers!


The heat source of Dingli Group's coal slime dryer is mainly steam waste heat, natural gas burner, coal burner, fuel oil machine, biomass particles, etc. Different coal slime drying heat sources are equipped with dust removal equipment designed by corresponding technology, dry method Purification systems such as secondary dust removal, dry and wet secondary dust removal, and dry and wet multi-stage dust removal, the equipment is environmentally friendly and low in consumption. Zhengzhou Dingli cooperation cases are distributed in important coal provinces in my country, welcome to visit nearby!


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  • What is the process for purchasing equipment?

    Contact customer service - understand the basic situation - equipment quota-tion - sign contract - equipment production

  • What is the Quality of your products?

    Dingli Group products come with best quality, and our products passed CE certification, exported to lots countries around the word, such as Australia, Malaysia, India, Italy ,Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, South Africa, etc. You can rest assured with the quality absolutely.

  • What is the Installation of your products?

    Dingli Group has several experienced technicians with passports ready to go for installation, when installation service is needed, the client should pay for technicians' round way air tickets, food and lodging, most importantly to guarantee the technicians' safety.

  • What is the raw material for the production line? What is the capacity per hour you required?What is the maximum input size of the raw material?What is the output size and application for the final product?

    You can send inquiries from this page.Once we get your answers,we can provide you the best quotation immediately. Remarks: The price will depend on different models.