What advantages and features of the pulp sludge dryer attract users?

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The pulp sludge dryer is mainly used to dry waste paper pulp, so that the original waste paper can be reused, which not only saves original resources and energy, but also makes an important contribution to reducing environmental pollution. Bring huge economic and social benefits. Therefore, there are many users buying pulp sludge dryers in the market, and what advantages and features of pulp sludge dryers attract users?

paper pulp sludge dryer

1. Efficient. The pulp sludge dryer adopts the "three-cylinder multi-return grid" drying process, using three cylinders with different diameters nested together, which greatly increases the internal volume of the cylinder, thereby increasing the production capacity of the equipment. The inside of the equipment cylinder is equipped with a rotary rake and a special guide and lifting device, which can decompose the pulp into loose shapes, so that the contact area between the pulp and the hot air is doubled, so that the heat transfer and mass transfer process can be completed in a short time , to speed up the rapid evaporation of the water in the pulp.

2. Energy saving. The pulp sludge dryer adopts a "heat energy distribution" system, which can adjust the drying temperature and air volume and wind speed according to the moisture content of the dried pulp at different stages, so that energy consumption can be greatly saved. In addition, the equipment cylinder has a layer of thermal insulation structure, which can reduce the heat loss inside the cylinder, which can not only improve the utilization rate of heat energy, but also reduce energy consumption.

3. Environmental protection. The tail of the pulp dryer is equipped with a professional dust removal device, which can filter, purify and reduce the dust generated during the production process, so that the gas can be discharged after reaching the emission standard, so as to ensure a clean and tidy production environment and reduce the impact on the environment.

4. Practical. Pulp sludge dryer can be used not only to dry pulp, but also to dry municipal sludge, textile sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, activated sludge, organic sludge, biochemical sludge, pharmaceutical sludge, oily Sludge, electroplating sludge, iron and steel sludge, iron vanadium slag, lead and silver slag and other sludges.

5. Extensive heat sources. The pulp sludge dryer can use coal, electricity, gas, oil, steam, biomass pellet fuel, etc. Users can choose the appropriate heat source according to actual needs.

6. Operation performance. Automatic control, simple and convenient operation, a drying production line only needs 2-3 people to complete the drying operation. Stable performance, 24-hour uninterrupted production, low failure rate and low maintenance cost.

In addition, there are many advantages and features of the pulp sludge dryer, so I won't introduce them one by one here. If you want to know more about this device, please leave a message for consultation, and we will have professional personnel to provide you with help and service.


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