How does Dingli horizontal carbonization furnace work?

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Dingli horizontal carbonization furnace is an ideal equipment for anaerobic distillation and carbonization. It adopts advanced steam cooling system and can save a lot of fuel. It has the advantages of fast cooling speed, short product cycle and high quality charcoal.

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The use steps of horizontal carbonization furnace:

1. Open the furnace cover

2. Open the furnace cover to load rods

3. After the rods are installed, cover the furnace cover, and the bottom of the cover should be sealed with rock wool.

4. Add firewood to the bottom of the furnace and start carbonization.

5. Before the thermometer reaches 300 degrees, the valve is closed. Do not open.

6. Burn firewood at the bottom. When the temperature reaches about 300 degrees and lasts above 300 degrees, open the valve to check whether the combustible gas can ignite. If it can’t be ignited, close the valve and continue to heat up. If it can ignite, there is no need to add more firewood , direct carbonization with combustible gas.
(In the process of generating combustible gas, if the raw material is too wet, gas will be generated, and the gas will be cut off, and the fire will be extinguished. At this time, do not remove the combustion-supporting firewood so quickly, and burn it for a while to let the fire in the furnace After all the water vapor is discharged, the combustible gas can be continuously produced without interruption. If the raw material is too wet, the dehumidification process will be prolonged. Therefore, it is desirable to use dry raw materials for carbonization.)

7. When the temperature in the furnace rises to about 600 degrees and remains at 600 degrees for 1-2 hours, when the combustible gas gradually decreases but is not completely extinguished, close the valve and let it cool down.

8. When the temperature drops below 100 degrees, open the furnace door and discharge the charcoal.


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