Production process of beet pulp pellets Beet pulp dryer

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Beet meal pellets are formed after drying and extrusion of beet meal, which is a high-quality feed. How are beet meal pellets made? This article briefly introduces the production process of beet meal pellets.

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Beet meal is the main by-product of sugar beet production, which contains a lot of nutrients. After drying, it can be used for feed production to improve its economic value. The production process of its sugar beet meal pellets: sweet
The rapeseed meal is transported to the sugar beet meal dryer by the conveyor, and a uniform material curtain is formed under the turning of the evenly distributed copying board in the simplified structure, which is fully contacted with the hot air, and the moisture of the sugar beet meal is quickly evaporated and gasified.

The beet pulp is transported by the conveyor to the beet pulp pellet machine for extrusion molding, thereby completing the whole process of beet pulp pellet production.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of beet pulp dryers, and can provide a complete set of beet pulp drying and granulating equipment, 10-300 tons/day, directly supplied by the factory, free on-site installation and commissioning, technical operation guidance, etc.


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