How to choose the heat source of the rotary dryer?

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Common heat sources of rotary dryers include coal, natural gas, fuel oil, electricity, biomass fuel, steam and boiler flue gas, etc. Each fuel has its advantages and disadvantages, and we should consider it comprehensively from the needs of convenience and cheapness , choose the heat source that suits you. So how to choose the right heat source? The following describes the differences, advantages and disadvantages of different heat sources.

1. Coal burning

As a traditional energy source, coal combustion has high calorific value, is convenient and easy to obtain, and is cheap. However, many places have banned the use of coal due to strict environmental protection regulations, and coal combustion will produce a large amount of toxic and harmful substances such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide, which will not only pollute the quality of bean dregs and reduce its use value, but also produce a large amount of exhaust gas. It takes more money to dedust, purify and desulfurize, so it is not recommended to use it. If the quality requirements of the finished product are not high, other materials whose pollution can be ignored can also be used. Special attention should be paid to the selection of fuel heat sources according to local environmental protection requirements. .

2. Gas

Gas is mainly natural gas and coal gas, which belongs to clean energy and is relatively easy to obtain.

3. Fuel

Both fuel oil and bio-fuel can be used directly, with fast heating and stable output, easy to use, easy to obtain, and low cost of use.

4. Electricity

As the most widely used clean energy, electricity is easy and fast to obtain, but the price is very expensive. It is feasible as a heat source for a small bean dregs dryer, but it is not feasible as a heat source for a large bean dregs dryer, and the cost is too high.

5. Biomass particles

As a new renewable energy source, biomass pellets can be used because the raw materials for making biomass pellets come from a wide range of sources, so the cost is low.

6. Steam

Steam resources are green and clean energy, which can be used completely. No toxic and harmful gases will be generated during the drying process, which is cleaner and more environmentally friendly, greatly reduces the cost of exhaust gas treatment, and makes the working environment cleaner and safer. However, it is necessary to have relevant high-temperature steam resources, and to ensure continuous, stable and sufficient heat supply. For example, the temperature of the waste heat steam needs to reach 130°-200°C; the air volume range is 20,000-200,000, otherwise, the production efficiency will be seriously affected due to the lack of heat supply, and it will become a person waiting for the steam to be caught by the gas, and the trouble will continue.

7. Boiler waste heat

The same as the requirements for steam, enterprises must have boiler waste heat resources or can buy cheap waste heat resources nearby, and can ensure the supply of boiler waste heat resources is sufficient and stable, even if we use our really energy-saving new waste heat utilization dryer, boiler smoke The exhaust heat temperature is above 200 degrees. If the company has waste heat resources, it will turn waste heat resources into treasures, greatly reduce the company's fuel costs, and even achieve no cost for heat use.

To sum up, the choice of heat source for the rotary dryer should not only ensure the drying quality of the finished product, but also take into account the low price of fuel, high calorific value, stable and safe output, easy access to facilitate transportation and use, and compliance with local environmental standards. It is best to use its own waste heat resources, and it is necessary to reduce the cost of the enterprise, and to be efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


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