How to dry brewery spent grain quickly?

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The winery produces a large amount of brewery spent grain every year during production. The economic value and utilization value of the brewery spent grain after drying are huge. The brewery spent grain can be treated as feed after drying and can be used for raising livestock. The traditional lees treatment method is to dry the materials naturally. This method is slow and very unhygienic. It will breed a lot of bacteria when drying, and it will affect the drying progress due to weather and other reasons, so this method has been rarely used.

brewery spent grain dryer machine for sale

So is there any way to make the brewery spent grain dry quickly? Try it with a brewery spent grain dryer. The lees with large water content is squeezed and dewatered by the squeezing dehydration equipment. The dehydrated lees is transported to the brewery spent grain dryer through the transportation equipment, and the purpose of drying the material is achieved by fully contacting with the hot air. This method greatly shortens the drying time of the material, and has a fully automatic control device, which reduces the output of labor costs and can achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted work. It is a must-have for major breweries to deal with vinasse.

Zhengzhou Dingli as a professional brewery spent grain dryer manufacturer, the equipment heat source can use coke oven gas, gas, biomass fuel, steam, natural gas, clean coal, etc. as its fuel. If you are interested in our equipment, please feel free to contact us.


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