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How to control the drying cost of sawdust dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-11-19  

  The cost of drying one ton of materials by the sawdust dryer is not clear on the market, mainly because there are many factors affecting the drying cost, such as the cost of raw materials, equipment purchase costs, heat source selection, etc.

sawdust dryer

  How to control the drying cost of sawdust dryer? One is the equipment itself, and the other is equipment fuel control.

  When choosing a sawdust dryer for sawdust, choose highly automated, energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment, which can effectively reduce the cost of sawdust drying, such as power consumption, high automation, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly sawdust dryer equipment in the transmission system , The induced air system and the electric control system adopt energy-saving technologies, and reduce the resistance of the equipment operation, and greatly reduce the power consumption of the equipment operation.

  Regarding the fuel consumption control of the sawdust dryer, the combination of the new clean heating equipment and the upgraded drum drying structure makes full use of heat energy, greatly reduces the fuel consumption of the sawdust dryer and improves the drying efficiency.

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