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Project profile of automatic Coconut Fiber Dryer unit

Author: Dingli     Date: 2021-01-29  

The dedicated Coconut Fiber Drum Dryer also is known as a coconut fiber dryer. It is mainly composed of hot blast stove, feed conveyor, rotary drum dryer, discharge conveyor, dust collector, power distribution cabinet. After the separation of fiber entering the dryer, it is uniformly distributed in the drum, lifting the material and drop it through the hot air in order to maximize heat transfer. The material is evenly dispersed in the hot air, heat transfer, mass transfer thus dries quickly in the drum.

In the schematic design, fully consider the silk fiber is a flammable, easy cluster, the characteristics of furfural residue, we adopted a series of innovative technology and unique technology in order to ensure good silk fiber drying effect and cleanliness.

Coconut fiber dryer.jpg

Coconut Fiber Dryer can dry the moisture content of 30-45% coconut fiber, fast drying of moisture content is less than 18% of the finished product. The dryer is designed and manufactured for silk fiber, with unique structure, low energy consumption, and high thermal efficiency. Unique heating mode, controlled heat without flames, the finished fiber color, strength, flexibility remains constant under controlled operational circumstances.

Coconuts are mainly grown in Southeast Asian countries. Dingli sells coconut fiber drying production lines and coconut coir dehydration drying production lines for this market. While exploring overseas markets, it promotes the high-quality development of the local coconut fiber and coir. Detailed information can be consulted online.

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