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The importance of straw dryer

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-12-26  

  After the busy farming period, there are crop stalks all over the ground. Whether it is wheat stalks, soybeans, rice stalks, etc., it is difficult to handle for a while, the period of burying and returning to the field is long, incineration is not allowed, and waste is a solid waste pollution. How to deal with straw?

  Straw recycling is feasible and has good economic and environmental benefits for many purposes such as papermaking raw materials, biomass fuels, livestock feed, man-made boards, etc. However, straws are difficult to preserve, and crop straws in season have a certain content. The amount of water accumulated for a long time will affect its quality and market price. How to solve it?

straw dryer

  Straw storage needs to be dried first, so a straw dryer is essential. After the straw is dried, the moisture content is about 12%, and the storage is convenient and the cycle is long. How does the straw dryer deal with it? Straw drying uses high-temperature drying, and depending on the specific straw processing technology, there will be different technical design schemes. For the direct high-temperature drying of straw biomass fuel, it is sufficient to reduce the water content strongly, while straw feed production requires the palatability of straw. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and maintain the taste of straw drying.

  The treatment of straw first needs to be dried and upgraded by a dryer to facilitate storage and transportation, and then used in straw feed production, straw biomass pellet fuel production, or straw papermaking and other processes with quality assurance. Each process already has mature technology, equipment market supply and a stable and expanding demand market system. The economic and environmental benefits of straw recycling and reuse are obvious.

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