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How to improve the efficiency of cassava residue dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-07-26  

   Improving the efficiency of the cassava residue dryer equipment is crucial to the overall power of the equipment, so how can the efficiency of the cassava residue dryer be improved? Next, let's talk about this issue.


  1. Reduce the particle size of the material

  The finer the material particles, the better the uniformity of the flow, and the smaller the tendency of stagnation in the system. On the other hand, the smaller the particle size, the larger the heated area and the higher the transpiration intensity. Large-grained pellets, on the other hand, are easy to form a gas film layer and a hard layer, hindering the heat and mass transfer of the inner layer material. Therefore, when drying clay or shale, the materials should be crushed first. Regarding wet clay with high viscosity and high water content, its breaking is a difficult problem.

  2. Even feeding

  Average feed is the condition to complete the material flow. On the one hand, it can ensure the balance of the heat load of the dryer and the stability of the thermal engineering criteria, so that the moisture of the dried materials is common, so that the hot blast stove can heat the load at the same time; on the other hand, the temperature of the exhaust gas can be easily grasped and controlled. Mechanical feeder usually chooses hoist + central silo + disc feeder, or belt conveyor + double flap discharge valve method.

  3. Improve feeding methods

  The rotary dryer is fed by inclined slide tube. Because the furnace temperature is high and the load changes greatly, the slide tube is eroded and oxidized by the hot flue gas, and the deformation and damage appearance is very severe, and replacement is very troublesome. The more severe bent and deformed slide pipes often pry the furnace roof or the dryer flame sealing ring, resulting in air leakage and material leakage, which will greatly reduce the thermal power and service life of the dryer. Regardless of whether the sliding tube is made of steel or cast iron, it can not handle the question of its short service life very well. In order to extend the service life of the feed tube of the dryer, the inclined slide tube can be changed to a straight tube + a lower groove plate. The upper section is a straight pipe type, the straight pipe is built into the furnace wall to avoid high temperature oxidation and hot flue gas scouring; the lower section is a sloping plate, which connects the material falling from the straight pipe, and then slides the material into the drying along the slope machine. The chute plate is made of refractory cast iron plate, which is supported by the refractory bricks.

  The above is an introduction on how to improve the efficiency of cassava dryer. For more information, please contact us online.

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