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Live video of steam dryer/ Coal slime drying equipment

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-05-26  

  The application of steam dryers in the field of coal slime drying is becoming more and more widespread. The cost of slime drying is significantly reduced, and the drying of slime is more environmentally friendly. The price of the entire set of steam slime dryer equipment is not expensive, and it saves the cost of heat source equipment and fuel costs. Where is the steam slime drying equipment, and how much is the price?


  The tube bundle drum dryer uses the residual heat of steam to enter the tube converter for technical treatment. After reaching the temperature and heat required by the slime drying, the moisture of the slime is quickly and strongly evaporated by indirect heat conduction to achieve the effect of drying the slime. Within 15% of water content, the daily output of a steam dryer is not limited, and the model can be customized. Due to indirect drying and the use of steam waste heat, the environmental performance of the steam drying slime equipment is more prominent than the slime air dryer, and it is relatively simpler in fuel consumption and engineering construction.

Live video of steam drying slime equipment

  Where is the steam slime drying equipment available and how much is the price?

Zhengzhou Dingli has customized and produced various types of slime steam dryers. How much is one is divided into specific models. The manufacturers make accurate quotes based on their own profit margins. Zhengzhou Dingli's steam slime drying equipment is affordable and cost-effective, and it has also been baptized and tested by the market. The users have a good reputation. If you visit the steam slime drying site, you can contact for free, please consult.


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