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How to drying corn straw/ how much is the straw dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-05-19  

   After drying, processing straw feed, straw pellet fuel and other industrial uses are of great economic value. How to drying corn straw, how much is a special straw dryer. Does the manufacturer have a project site case, can contact to investigate? For more details, please contact Zhengzhou Dingli, a large industrial dryer manufacturer for 15 years.

straw dryer


  How to drying corn stalks?

  Corn stalks, wheat stalks, rice straws, soybean stalks, straw, peanut seedlings, sweet potato vines, vegetable seedlings and other plant stalks can be dehydrated and upgraded quickly, in large quantities and in a deep drying type through the industrial dryer. And then crushed and processed for various industrial fields such as paper making, feed, pellet fuel and artificial board etc.

  In this way, a straw dryer is necessary. It takes the drum dryer as the main body, and can use a single-pass dryer or  three-tube dryer. It is flexibly designed according to user requirements and belongs to the principle of high-temperature drying. The air is processed into the drum through a hot air furnace, which is fast and wet. Straws are fully heat-exchanged to achieve the effect of dehydration and drying. The moisture content of the drying straw can be lower than 15%, there is no limit to the type of drying equipment, and the production is customized.

  How much is the straw dryer?

  After determining the technical parameters of the straw dryer model, processing material, heat source technology design, manufacturer's profit margin, etc., the dryer manufacturer provides the straw dryer configuration list and quotation, as well as the straw dryer video and model parameter table, such as account For parameters such as floor area and power, please contact us for details.


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