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Benefits of drying potato dregs for making mixed feed

Author: Dingli     Date: 2020-01-14  

  Can potato dregs be dried? Potato dregs can be dehydrated and dried, and customers have different dehydration and drying equipment for different final moisture requirements. Potato dregs dehydrator and potato dregs dryer are used in the mixed feed production line to promote more considerable economic benefits.

potato residue dryer

  Zhengzhou Dingli supplies complete set of potato residue dewatering machine, dryer, mixing mixer and granulator, etc. to produce mixed dregs feed production line equipment to develop and utilize waste potato residue with higher economic value. The potato dregs dehydrator is recommended to use a belt dehydrator here, with high solid recovery rate, high dehydration intensity, and customized supply according to customer demand.

  The potato dregs dryer uses a three-layer tumble dryer, which has a small footprint and a large processing capacity, so it can save a lot of land rent for customers with large processing capacity. The potato dregs drum dryer is easy to operate and has a low failure rate, which meets the needs of customers with high-load operations.

  The economic benefits produced by the dry potato dregs that have been upgraded through the potato dregs dehydrator and dryer for mixed feed production are also considerable. Potato dregs have a high water content and are not allowed to leave the factory without treatment. Sewage pollution and solid waste pollution caused by the abandoned accumulation of potato dregs will bring certain losses to potato processing enterprises such as starch factories. It is not uncommon for some companies to be stopped and questioned for rectification. However, potato dregs are rich in nutrients, and they are used in the production of mixed dregs feed to greatly reduce the cost of raw materials. Dry dregs are also significantly different in price from wet dregs. Therefore, potato dregs drying is necessary and has considerable economic value.

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