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How about the drying effect of the sawdust dryer?

Author: Dingli     Date: 2019-10-08  

  What is a good sawdust dryer? In Dingli's opinion, evaluating the quality of a sawdust dryer is mainly based on how the drying effect is. If the sawdust moisture is fully dried, it is ideally baked. The dry effect is considered to be worthwhile. In addition, due to different production requirements, some customers have higher moisture requirements or large production capacity when drying sawdust. What are the concerns of sawdust dryers in production?

sawdust dryer

  First, the sawdust dryer can only be dried after reaching a certain temperature, and the dust emitted by the dryer is extremely high during the period of recovery after the shutdown, and the pressure on the dust removing device is very high. It is necessary to shorten the period from the start of the dryer to the time of production, to achieve this, the temperature inside the dryer cylinder must be maintained.

  Secondly, the sawdust dryer increases the height of the fire wall in the hot blast stove to fully burn the energy to maintain the temperature of the dryer. If the temperature does not reach the expected level, it will affect the drying quality and drying efficiency of the material.

  Finally, it is also important that the difficulty in drying the sawdust is that the ignition point is low and it is easy to burn, so the anti-opening measures of the dryer are very important, as well as the lifting device. The anti-opening measures of the sawdust dryer produced by Dingli are the over-temperature equipment connected to the hot-blast stove and the dryer. The length of the over-temperature equipment determines the drying effect of the drying equipment and the isolation effect of the open flame. The function of the internal lifting device is fully spur the material so that the material can fully contact the moisture of the evaporating material, so that the project can achieve safe production.

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